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With Live Chat and Whatsapp on your website, you can identify and engage with your hottest prospects in real-time. Converting more visitors into conversations, le and ultimately customers. Messaging with Web1on1 incorporates invoicing into your conversational experiences with in-app payments and speeds up the time it takes to get repairs approved and paid for. So your customers can pay invoices directly from their phone rather than in person at the point of collection. Web1on1 enables you to do away with friction-filled booking experiences and empower customers to book their vehicles in for a service conversationally. Learn more about how Web1on1 can equip you with all the tools you need to continue growing sales and connect with customers face-to-face, virtually.


There are two options here.

You can share a link either in a chat message, or alternatively as news via the start. You can then click into the relevant group chat or individual chat in the overview of the chats suggested to you.

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This will then be sent to all members who are part of this group. In the next step you can choose the recipients. A distinction is made between five different areas. These can be individual users, user groups, or a combination of both.

Help / support

When you have selected all recipients, click on "Next" in the header. In the next step, enter the heading optional and the content mandatory field and, if you wish, you can also add a file or image as an attachment.

Images are displayed between the headline and the content. Finally, it is possible to determine whether the recipients should receive a push message and whether a read receipt is required.

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English US. In This Article: There are two options here. In both cases, copy the link you want.

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When you have selected your chat, you can share your link in the text entry field In this step, you can insert the link that you would like to share in the text field. Verwandte Artikel. Wie schicke ich eine Nachricht im Chat?

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Lade einfach zuerst beide Chats getrennt bei zapptales hoch und gib dann kurz unserem Support-Team unter support zapptales.


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