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Effective date : The device has a fastening device 1 connected with an extension element 4a that is attached to a body of a user. Magnets e.


Effective date : Stand der Technik State of the art.

Under DE 10 A1 An extension couch is described with a pulsating magnetic field integrated in the lying surface or a magnetic field ring displaceable by slide rails, whereby the feet and the head of the patient can be fixed pneumatically or hydraulically. The DE 38 A1 discloses a spinal therapy system which causes extension by means of traction ribs under which a magnetic field is generated.

Both devices are not suitable for use on the male penis due to their structural nature and size. Hierzu werden z. For this purpose, for. Eine Vorrichtung zur Magnetfeldbehandlung des Penis bei dessen gleichzeitiger mechanischer Streckung ist nicht offenbart. A device for magnetic field treatment of the penis with its simultaneous mechanical stretching is not disclosed.

Aufgabenstellung penis überzug. Ziel einer nicht invasiven Behandlung zur Linderung dieser Beschwerden muss also eine verbesserte Durchblutung und eine Entschlackung des betroffenen Gewebes sein.

The circulatory erectile dysfunction impotence and the Induratio penis plastica penile curvature are favored by plaque deposits in the vessels of the penis and probably also caused by the state of research. The aim of a non-invasive treatment to alleviate these symptoms must therefore be improved circulation and purification of the affected tissue. At the same time, growth impulses should stimulate the formation of new cells, which causes an enlargement of the treated tissue.

The blood vessels often contain deposits that can damage and thicken the vessel wall so that it does not remain supple and begins to degenerate. Magnetic fields, when applied to stretched or stretched tissue, can more effectively and sustainably dissolve these deposits, thereby penis überzug blood circulation and detoxifying the tissue in general.

In the device according to the invention, the stretched penile tissue is specifically targeted exposed to effective therapeutic magnetic field. The therapeutic effect of the penile extension exceeds that of conventional devices, since the magnetic voltages induced by the magnetic field directly and painlessly influence the chemical and physical processes on the cell membranes.

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The anatomical conditions of the penis as a tubular organ deed as a body attachment allowed a construction under favorable conditions, since a magnetic field in its center is always the most effective and the effectiveness of a permanent magnetic field is dependent on its penetration depth. With a strength of gauss on the skin, the field strength at a depth of about 3 cm is only about 10 gauss. The device according to the invention, which carries the elements for generating the magnetic field, could therefore be constructed around the penis, with the penis as the center, whereby even penis überzug the use of permanent magnets an excellent penetration depth with high field strength and thus great therapeutic penis überzug is achieved.

Beschreibung description. The object is inventively achieved in that the fastener 1 as a U-shaped around the distal end and axially on both sides of the penis 8th of a user running, approximately cylindrical hollow body is formed in or on the magnets 7 are arranged to generate a magnetic field, by which the penis of a user is acted on at one, the mutually parallel legs of the U-shape, radially connecting web 2 with a releasably attachable belt fastener 3which is pulled radially over the penis, is attached, wherein at the semicircular tip of the fastener, an expansion element 4.

Die zwischen den Stabmagneten verlaufenden Feldlinien bewirken somit in dem dort gelagerten Penis eines Benutzers ein axial zum distalen oder proximalen Ende verlaufendes Magnetfeld A very cost-effective variant 5 may be that in the mutually parallel legs of the U-shaped fastener 1 each a bar magnet 7g is arranged with a selectable magnetic field strength with southern or northern polarity penis überzug to the respective therapeutic requirements for generating a flow magnetic field.

The field lines running between the bar magnets thus cause a magnetic field extending axially to the distal or proximal end in the penis of a user stored there By inserting an additional semicircular magnet 7fa user can extend the two bar magnets to a magnet, commonly known as a horseshoe magnet, and thereby transform the flow magnetic field into a homogeneous magnetic field penetrating the penis 9 convert.

Another cost-effective variant may be that in the legs of the U-shaped fastener individual magnets are arranged with different color coding of the north and south polarity targeted by a user according to the therapeutic requirements either with its south pole or with its north pole of the surface can be directed in the U-shape penis.

The influence of the north polarity has a cooling, healing, analgesic, sedative, sleep-inducing, swelling discourages, improves tissue oxygenation and its alkalization. The south polarity le to a general metabolic activation, has an penis überzug and warming effect and, due to the increased blood flow in conjunction with the extension of the penis, le to an approximately three hours lasting, temporarily visible enlargement of the penis and can be in preparation for an evening or a night with high sexual expectations be very helpful for a user.

The small bar magnets 7g can be fitted with a rotatable plug connection 1g can be removed individually and used on the insertable and removable mounting bracket 1d are attached to magnets and components, so that it is possible for a user, a variety of magnetic fields 7d to create 9.

A user who already has the low-cost version of the extension device, can simply use the already equipped with the electronic components function-ready, U-shaped mounting bracket 1d and then only needs to replace them with the mounting brackets fitted with permanent magnets, since the extension elements can already be supplied with voltage in the low-cost version. An expedient embodiment provides that the web connecting the two legs of the U-shape 2 can be releasably fastened by a plug connection and hollow and in it one with a magnetic field generator 9d connected magnetic field coil 7d is arranged, or on the penis body facing side of the web flat coils 7e are arranged or printed on, which can be connected to a magnetic field generator, wherein on the penis body facing side of the closure belt 3a for attaching the penis to the fastener, also flat coils 7e arranged or printed with the same magnetic field generator 9d can be connected.

An advantageous development of the invention is that in the parallel legs of the U-shaped hollow body axially, releasably fastened, by means of lockable connectors 1cvoltage-conductive, to its outer penis überzug electrically isolated, cylindrical parallel to each other extending flexible extension elements 6a of different lengths adapted to the length of the penis of a user, which are arranged with penis überzug annular annular support 15 surrounding the penis transverse to the axis of the extension elements 6so as to be displaceable on the penis shaft of a user, a magnetic field 7d 2 and 5 to treat there any penile curvature.

This magnetic field may consist of a ring-shaped permanent magnet surrounding the penis in its circumference 7. In the higher quality version, in the displaceable, the penis enclosing annular support 6 a winding with many turns around the penis 9j 8thor in an optionally flexible ring surrounding the penis, flat coils 9k are attached or printed, which can be controlled with different frequencies, whereby the stretched, quasi located in the core of the coil penis is acted upon.

The annular holder 6 could then, except in the field of Einsteckmuffen be made of flexible material. Another preferred development of the device for use in the narrower domestic area provides, in the case of erectile dysfunction, with the device to perform the intercourse, if allow the anatomical conditions of the partner. A user strips the U-shaped fastener 1 over his scrotum so that the legs of the U-shape point towards the distal end of his penis. The visible penis on the scrotum is now on penis überzug bridge 2 between the legs of the U-shape.

With the at the connecting bridge 2expandable and on its penile surface with unipolar or bipolar magnets 7c for contact with the skin surface of the penis equipped closure strap 3 he can now the penis on the fastening device 1 with a binding pressure that allows an influx of arterial blood, but blocks a return of venous blood. The scrotum now hangs, with a standing user, between the U-shaped legs of the fastener down, while the penis rests on penis überzug connecting web. The non-erect penis now provides by its own weight on the front part of the element for a slight pressure of the rear, semi-circular end of the U-shaped fastener 1 against the perineum with the penis root well palpable between the legs or Penisknolle Bulbus penis.

This slight pressure is desirable because it favors the erection. By choosing the most stimulating setting of the pulsating magnetic field for him, the penis straightens up and a user can perform intercourse with free-standing penis. The pulsating magnetic field also stimulates, during co-sleep with, on the side facing away from the penis of a user, the outboard side of the closure belt 3 where another magnetic field radiation unit may be located, upon full penetration, the clitoris of the partner, which increases the acceptance of the device.

Another training provides, also with regard to possible sexual intercourse, one condom-like coating This can at its tip a latching device 1a for the flexible expansion element 4.

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An seiner dem Penis abgewandten Seite weist der Steg 2 aufgeklebtes Klett-Flauschband 2bzur Befestigung des Klett-Verschlusses 3 mit seinem weichen Polsterelement 3bin welches bipolare Permanentmagneten 7b integriert sind, auf 5. Ein Benutzer befestigt nun mit dem Schnappverschluss 4b des Dehnelementes 4dieses an der Einrastvorrichtung 1a des Befestigungselementes 1 5. Der Penis eines Benutzers wird nun von einem wirksamen Magnetfeld bei gleichzeitiger intensiver Streckung, beaufschlagt.

The cheapest embodiment forms the so-called starter package, with the stretching and magnetic field treatment according to 1 is performed. The U-shaped fastening element 1 is by a fixed bridge 2 connected to its parallel legs 5 and 7. On its side facing away from the penis, the bridge 2 glued Velcro loop tape 2 Bfor fastening the Velcro fastener 3 with its soft cushioning element 3b into which bipolar permanent magnets 7b are integrated on 5. A user now fastens with the snap closure 4b of the expansion element 4this on the latching device 1a of the fastening element 1 5.

Now he opens this from two U-shaped moldings 1h and 1i 6 assembled fastener 1 to the unipolar magnet 7a 9 to 13 located on the mounting bracket for penis überzug and components 1d releasably attachable with a rotatable connector 1g are arranged in the desired arrangement for generating a magnetic field 7dto configure. He can do this from the examples that the 9 to 13 display or select your own setting by removing or inserting magnets and their polar orientation.

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Then he adds the two, the U-shaped fastener forming semi-cylindrical, U-shaped moldings 1h and 1i 6 together again. After having his penis 8th with the distal end of the penis shaft on the connecting web 2 of the fastening element 1the glans is located between the legs of the U-shaped fastener, surrounded at its distal tip by the semicircular U-shape 7but without direct contact with the fastener 1because this with the bridge 2 is attached to the penile shaft.

To make this attachment, a user now le, on the side facing away from the penis 2 on the Velcro loop 2 B attached Velcro closure 3 radially over the distal end of, on the bridge 2 resting on the penile shaft and attaches the free end of the Velcro closure strap 3 on the side facing away from the penis of the web 2 with a pleasant bonding pressure on the Velcro loop 2 B.

Now he summarizes the connected to penis überzug fastener flexible expansion element 4 on the attachment clip for external attachment 4a and pulls it in the direction in which he wants to stretch his penis.

Once he has reached the level of pull that pleases him, he attaches the clip to a location of his clothing or other external location that suits the tension. The penis of a user is now subjected to an effective magnetic field with simultaneous penis überzug stretching. The device may be invisible to third parties, in the case of application as in 1 and 2 represented, inconspicuously worn under the clothing and le through the flexible expansion element 4 during walking or running to a therapeutically effective, milking penis überzug on the penis, wherein the magnetic fields actively acting on the stretched penile tissue 7d stimulate and accelerate blood flow and metabolic processes so that effective plaque removal in the area of penis curvature and accelerated cell renewal actually occurs.

The features disclosed in the description, the claims and the figures of the device according to the invention can be both individually and in any combination for the realization of the device according to the invention in its various developments of importance. The device is inexpensive to manufacture and market discreetly over the Internet worldwide. With its simple application possibilities, the invention provides a user with a broad spectrum of direct-acting therapies, which not only have a targeted effect on the penis, but represent a whole-body magnetic field treatment, which le to increased fitness and an improvement in general well-being.

Mobile magnetic field generating penis extension device according to claim 1, characterized in that, the fixing element 1 forming, U-shaped, cylindrical hollow body of two U-shaped semi-cylindrical bodies 1h.

Mobile magnetic field generating penis extension device according to one or more of the preceding claims, characterized in that the elements for generating the static magnetic field are unipolar 7a. Mobile magnetic field generating penis überzug extension device according to one or more of the preceding claims, characterized in that the components for generating the electromagnetic alternating field 7d at least one magnetic field generator 9d comprising at least one radiating element 9j and or 7a and or 9k of a pulsating electromagnetic field 7d with a frequency between 7 Hz and 9 Hz, preferably at about 8 Hz controls.

Mobile magnetic field generating penis extension device according to one or more of the preceding claims, characterized in that the legs of the U-shaped fastening element 1 transverse to the axis of the legs, by a web 2 are connected. Mobile magnetic field generating penis extension device according to claim 7, characterized in that the web 2 is releasably attachable. Mobile magnetic field generating penis extension device according to claim 7, characterized in that on or in the web 2magnetic elements are arranged.

Mobile magnetic field generating penis extension device according to one of penis überzug 7 to 9, characterized in that on the side facing away from the penis of the web 2 a Velcro loop 2 B is arranged, on which the belt closure with the Velcro closure strap 3 is fastened and closed. Mobile magnetic field generating penis extension device according to claim 1, characterized in that the expansion element 4 is flexibly stretchable. Mobile magnetic field generating penis extension device according to claim 13, characterized in that the extension elements 6a or 6c are connectable with an annular support which is arranged transversely to the axis of the extension elements.

Mobile magnetic field generating penis extension device according to one or more of the preceding claims, characterized in that the expansion element 4 at its first end a snap closure 4b for connection to the latching device 1a on the fastening element 1 having. Mobile magnetic field generating penis extension device according to one or more of the preceding claims, characterized in that the expansion element 4 at its second end a clip closure 4c for attachment to the clothing of a user 1a or at an external location.

DE Penis überzug en DE DEA5 en Device for the treatment of the penis using extension with magnetic field and active substance. DEB4 en. USDS1 en. Spinal column therapy system has alternating magnetic field generating device on or in flexible mat comprising supporting ribs and traction ribs. Stretching bench for stimulation of muscular activity, comprising heated area and magnetic elements. Penis extension system, integrated into the underpants, has a clamping holder attached to the clothing by an elastic cord and an anchor loop attached to a second clothing point.

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USB2 en. DEA1 en. DET2 en. Kane et al. WOA2 en. USA1 en.

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EPB1 en. Muscle training method using electrostimulation with respective electrodes for simultaneous stimulation of several muscle groups. EPA2 en. WOA1 en. KRA en.

Device for generating magnetic alternating fields to induce eddy currents in an organism. DET5 en. DEC2 en.

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