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Bakersfield, Vereinigte Staaten. Bewertungen 7. Route berechnen.

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Montag — Dienstag — Mittwoch — Donnerstag — Freitag — Samstag — Sonntag — Classic Lube and Auto Care. Valvoline Instant Oil Change. Jiffy Lube. Big O Tires. Aloha Orthodontics. California Express Tax. Chris D. Quick and great service!!!

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Motor Oils here are high quality!!! Merchants know me and my cars!!! Sandy C. I was in a pinch and needed an oil change before heading out of town… it was 15 min to 6 and I called the place next door since it came up first in my Google search… lady that answered said no way but when I called Teeters they said come in! I was in and out in 15 minutes and the guys were really nice. Checked my tire pressure without me asking since they knew I was headed out of town.

Great customer service! Will Def use them again. Bob M. Great place to get your vehicle serviced. They are expensive but the quality is worth it. Chris H. Been going here for six years. Fair prices and good location.

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Jessica S. I manage my company fleet and am constantly doing oil changes, so I thought I would try out Teeters to see the type of service I received. Mark, the gentleman that helped me, seemed to be rather annoyed that I showed up while he was smoking.

He guided me in and then finished smoking his cigarette. He never greeted me, and never cracked a smile. All he said to me was, «Oil Change?

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I have been in the customer service industry for many years and understand the importance of good customer service. I will never visit this place of business and I will make sure to tell my friends and family the type of service I received. There are too many other businesses in Bakersfield that will be happy to serve me and my company fleet. Frank H. The company I work with has an at Teeters, and this is where we get our oil changes.

Bakersfield, vereinigte staaten

They are fast and will get you out of there in a flash. I have had my oil changed here for 13 years, and have worn out three work trucks, averagingto00 miles each. If I paid with my money I probably would go elsewhere. When you pay out, there is a check list of all the little details they are supposed to be taking care of.

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The checklist in my experiences is «pencil whipped», that is a check is made on the paper without the task being done. I called this to the attention of the lady who was running the register one day. I pointed out that there was a quarter sized bug still left on my windshield when the checklist reflected that the glass was cleaned.

She indignantly informed me that « We are not glass cleaning experts», and my retort was « well, I am not either but I can see a quarter sized bug mess on glass». I will keep going here, I work right down the street, and the Company pays for it.

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Mimi J. I brought my cars, a Honda Civic and a Lincoln Town Car here for years for all my oil change services. Coming back to Teeters was my last ditch effort to avoid going back to the dealer, who performed the service, to get the plug rethreaded or the oil pan replaced as Jiffy Lube suggested. Teeters had always served me well in the past and I wanted to get a second opinion I could trust.

I was very honest with the technician, Justen, here at Teeters about what Jiffy Lube had said and he agreed to take a look and let me know either way if they could perform the service. Good news for me — the plug was fine it was just sticking to a gasket, or some such easily fixable technical difficulty. Justen, also told me that Volkswagen recommends synthetic oil for my Jetta.

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I Googled it and he was absolutely right! Now, maybe I could have gotten away with the regular oil Jiffy Lube was planning to give me if I was a normal driver, but I drive the hell out of my poor car road tripping to Los Angeles, Orange County, San Luis Obispo, and San Francisco at the drop of a hat so it really behooves me to go conservative and do what the manufacturer suggests on this one.

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The waiting area is comfortable, with free coffee and water available and the flatscreen was showing a movie so the time passed quickly and soon I was back on my way. Thanks, Teeters! Dezember

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