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The protagonists are artists, disillusioned romantics with an ironic view of the cost of their art, which is an isolation from others. They are often burghers turned artist, often physically deformed, further isolating them from life around them and traditional courtship. To avoid the pain and disappointment of love, these protagonists retreat to art and nature, but in midlife, usually when they reach thirty years of age, they are suddenly overwhelmed by passion, usually for an unworthy and superficial beloved. They are fascinated by grief, death, and disease. Johannes Friedemann, a hunchback because he was dropped by his drunken nurse when he was an infant, seeks a life of fulfillment through art and nature.


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Cleaner mobility reaches far beyond the typical combustion engine. Premature engine wear is prevented.

Lieblingsgeschichte von Vlad und Nikita

The first series application for the self-cleaning air cleaner is in the Fendt and Vario series. In order to reduce CO 2 emissions, alternative drives represent one of the. The fuel cell is one option for balancing mobility and climate protection in the future.

Vlad and Niki - funny toys stories 2 with costumes for kids

The ion exchange filters from the new IonFree modular kit reliably protect the fuel cell stack against dangerous short circuits and reduce system costs. Two integrated broadband silencers and numerous other functions make the system twice as efficient. It has an aluminum die-cast housing, a larger cooler and double the cooling performance. For its 3.

High-voltage batteries in electric vehicles require reliable protection against water, dust and pressure fluctuations. Now the VentPlus modular kit offers the right solution for each electric drive. The drivers of agricultural tractors and sprayers are frequently exposed to harmful substances in the air. The first series application is the field sprayer of an US-American manufacturer for agricultural machines.

Now this expertise also enables a longer service life and higher performance for hydraulic applications and machines. The filtration expert is therefore consequently strengthening the responsibility of the regions. That means it effectively protects drivers in cabs of construction machines against respirable silica dust. In order to ensure constantly high performance, modern transmissions require efficient oil filters. This also applies to alternative propulsion systems. New engines have to offer high performance, be robust and clean. Legislation governing vehicle emissions is becoming stricter, the climate debate and therefore also the development of alternative drives is gaining momentum.

One promising solution is the fuel cell used to supply energy to an electric drive.

The moral philosopher of youtube

In order to get to grips with fine dust pollution, especially in big cities, all kinds of measures are being taken or considered. The pioneering concept of the innovative fine dust mann fuer mann stories filter can now also be integrated into the front end of new vehicles.

Electrified drives help to reduce CO 2 emissions during driving and to decrease air pollution caused by pollutants such as NO X and particulate matter. Here, the protection of the vehicle occupants is the first priority. The latest application is also characterized by the small but important detail of using vortex generators to ensure an optimum air flow to the air mass sensor and a particularly stable al of the air flow. Automated processes can reduce costs and save time.

Fuel cells generate clean energy and are an important component for sustainable energy production. Digitization, sustainability and alternative propulsion systems dominate current discussions. In this process, new measuring and testing methods are also used.

The innovative separator series ensures clean compressed air and simultaneously reduces the energy consumption of the systems. This enables the two-stage air cleaners to now cover a nominal flow rate range from two to 13 cubic meters per minute. In construction and agricultural machines, urea filters are required to offer high performance as they are subject to high worklo.


Modern engines in commercial vehicles place high demands on diesel fuel filters. The new product enables the perfect exploitation of the filter, improves the service concept, and reduces operating costs. Blow molding is suitable for the production of complex plastic hollow parts for both low and high pressure applications. This is made possible by a of integrated functions. This also includes the sustainable management of resources.

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Explore our stories to learn more about the power of filtration. Two filters — one housing — highest performance. Impressive cooling for a powerful engine. Convincing production expertise. A modular kit for each application. Cabin air filter for clean country air. Efficient oil filters for hydraulic applications. Strong engineering with regional focus.

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New filter media protects against respirable silica dust. Clean oil for the electric motor. System expertise for fuel cell powertrains. Helping to reduce fine dust. Integrated filtration solution improves emission balance.

New filtration solutions for clean mobility. Providing clean air — even in heavy traffic.

Mann gegen mann

Filter status in real time. Best protection for the fuel cell. Ultra-fine filtration with new fuel filter media. Powerful double for stationary applications.

High separation efficiency - low energy consumption. Strong fuel filter module for power trucks. All-round protection for the urea system. New standard for modern engines. Industry 4.

New definition of oil separation. Worldwide use of blow molding technology. Compact fuel filter module integrates a variety of functions. Follow the leaders in filtration.

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Glenn Nicholls Books 20 October words.


To call a modern artist measured and sensible and fundamentally decent might sound like faint praise or even sarcasm.


She was taken to Germany at the age of seven.


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