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As outlined by an Internationalcupid.


We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and. InternationalCupid has a consumer rating of 1.

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Consumers complaining about InternationalCupid most frequently mention fake profiles, real people and address problems. InternationalCupid ranks 64th among International Dating sites. This company responds to reviews on average within 19 days. If you are a decent looking American with an education, you will get hundreds of s from beautiful women on this site. Do not send money online to anyone and you will be fine. Go for premium, it's not much more expensive. I did have someone from Ghana impersonate a New Zealander; its the internet, expect it. Ask to video chat quickly, most women international cupid have WhatsApp or Skype.

They even send exactly the same messages with the same whatsapp from different s at the same time.

International cupid dating

I dont blame the platform itself but ist just horrible. Dear Tobias, We are sorry that you have encountered non-genuine members on our app.

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Please be assured that we do not send fake messages to our members. Dear William, Thank you for the positive rating!

Internationalcupid review

We wish you the very best in your search for love. Please at www.

I beautiful Ukrainian woman named Svetlana contacted me via the site. She asked for my address, which I gave to her. After 3 s silence. The other thing was, her written English was impeccable.

When you consider the International Cupid address is in Queensland, Australia you can obviously the dots. C o m when they reply to you, you'll know it's definitely a scam. Avoid this site like the plague. Dear Steve, We are sorry that you have encountered non-genuine members on our app. ed up looking for women from Ukraine or Russia. Was bombarded with women from Asia. Weird thing was this.

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For some reason I got a 1 hour free premium membership. Then all of a sudden 3 good looking Ukrainian members messaged me. It seems the site was pressuring me to give them my credit card information. Not to mention they expect you to verify yourself with a passport or driver's. Who knows what would happen if you did that.

Your safety is our top priority that is why all our members have to be verified. We are sorry that you have encountered non-genuine members on our app. I wish I read the reviews first. This site is controlled by scammers, it's been one day since I ed Close to 75 introductions.

Everyone of them wanting my or to move from the site. Every single one.

As outlined by an analysis, the majority of webs consumers include within the years of 30 and 45, creating customers

This site is absolute garbage and should be taken down. Stealing photos creating fake profiles. And this site could do so much more to stop it but they don't.

Complete waste of time garbage rip off website. So pissed. Dear Thomas, We do not allow fake profiles on our site. This site is as lame and fake as its positive reviews which are written by staff members. The same staff members pretend to be pretty women and bombard you with messages. It's not worth a dime! The majority of international dating sites are nothing but big money scam and blatant rip off and InternationalCupid is not an exception. It's overloaded with fake profiles, it's a continuous money drain.

No real meeting is ever possible because this is not something that IC staff international cupid are interested in it.

Internationalcupid review

Dear Glan, We are sorry that you have encountered non-genuine members on our app. I have never used this website or even heard about it before someone stole my credit card information and ed up for an. I disputed the charge with my cc company and I ed this company's customer service and they tried to tell me they verified my information and that I started the profile. I ignored this thinking it was a scam, and now they are trying to bully me into paying for the subscription or face legal action.

Stay away from this site. Tip for consumers: Don't. This is a scam. Dear Malachi, We do not facilitate the activities that you are suggesting in any shape or form. We have been in business for almost 20 years and have millions of customers around the world.

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Should you suspect that your card has been used by someone else, please notify your bank immediately. Your profile might have been hacked, in which case you may have also noticed some unusual activity on your InternationalCupid changes to your age, location, password, etc. International cupid, contact our Customer Care team who will advise you further: - by phone: 85from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm - by : www. The women are extremely money-hungry!

They let too many scammers in; there is no screening, no profile verification. I got sick of scammers asking me for money and deleted my .

International cupid dating

I 'm glad I left InternationalCupid — I'm not wasting my money there anymore. IC membership only gives you access to a slew of scammers and catfishers. It was a very disappointing and meaningless experience. Total waste of money! Just steer clear guys if you aren't looking for overcharges, financial issues and having to block your cc.

You see I've had hideous experience with them. It's a swamp of fakes and you can drown in it. Every single woman I met on InternationalCupid tried to scam me. I was lucky to use my common sense: I didn't send money to anyone and I finally quit it.

Dear John, We apologize for your unwelcoming experience. We have zero tolerance towards members of the nature you described.

Unfortunately, it is extremely hard for us to verify the real intentions of the members as most dating sites do not require any form of formal identification to register and most members use their private address to communicate with members. It is very sad that a small minority of dishonest people will make such a negative impression of our site, as the vast majority of the members registered with us are honest.

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We do our best to remove these people from our site, deleting any profiles showing dubious photos or information, as soon as we see them, however, we also rely on our valued members who kindly report to us any suspect or fake profiles they find on our site. We never get the service though and have to write the honest reaview of these so called dating websites. I had a real life experience of using these sites and for a few months and found their fraud scheme.

I reported fake profiles multiple times but they never got removed

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InternationalCupid claims to find you your perfect match wherever you are in the world as its membership base is made up of thousands of beautiful women from Russia, Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa.


Premium international dating app helping thousands of singles find their prospective long-term partner.


You are in the correct place then.


The International Cupid free trial is one of the best in the business.