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The Harry Potter FanFic Archive will be closed to new and updated works from 12 Decemberand the site will be permanently closed down on 31 December Petunia finds Harry's adoption papers. She can finally get rid of him, but where is he going to live? In the Black family library, he finds a peculiar book. It's empty, except for 69, which only contains a single spell. He decides to cast it, and his life changes forever.


The Harry Potter FanFic Archive will be closed to new and updated works from 12 Decemberand the site will be permanently closed down on 31 December A different take on the Prisoner of Azkaban, as Cat Animagus Bellatrix Lestrange escapes at the same time as Sirius, with a very different goal in mind! Be aware, the characters that are slaves will be given to others to enjoy.

If that's not your cup of tea, you might want to pass on this story. Harry Potter lost his parents when he wasa friend during a tournment he was an unwilling participant of, now his godfather, the only person who have ever showed true familial love towards him. With each loss, Harry finds his view of everything around him altered, his friends, the magical world and the non-magical world. In the brink of depression, he gains a new power, the power of The Gamer. Yet for all his new powers, Harry learns the fact that he had once again entered into something else unwillingly.

Ancient secrets, monsters, villains and more now stalks the Gamer Harry. After the Chamber of Secrets, two unlikely allies bond over their similar backgrounds.

Their plans for freedom take them on a different path through Harry's adventures and will bring them together in unexpected ways. As he stared into the eyes of a grinning, insane, albeit very attractive jester, hoisting a comically intimidating mallet across her shoulders, he realized that he wasn't in the Department of Mysteries, or London, anymore. But he didn't care. This is a good thing, right?

Except that now Harry has another problem.

Net Profile, I am not posting them here because they are not HP fics. She goes to Head Boy Harry Potter and makes a deal, and ends up enjoying the experience far more than she expected!

Der mann mit dem drachentattoo

A regular teenage boy was getting ready for his 6th year of Hogwarts. He lived a normal life with his family.

There were no dark lords terrorizing the wizarding world. Like most boys his age there was a girl he dreamt of all the time.

The perfect angel. However, what would happen if the perfect girl turned out to be a cruel and evil bitch that tried to make his life a living hell. The boy would need to show her the error of her ways with the help of a magical collar Harry is offered the power of the Geass from a girl in the middle of the street one day. Now with the ability to make every woman fall in love with him just by being in his presence, his life in thrown into a spiral of romance, drama and broken expectations.

Every female in Hogwarts seems to want a piece of him, whilst dark plots brew under the shadow of the Triwizard Tournament. Harry was changed by the events of the Third Task, and Sirius found an old Family Spell that spells trouble for the women they encounter.

Harry is hit by a curse at the Final Battle, his friends come up with a unique cure. A series of mostly un-related one shots with Harry having fun with one or more girls from the Potter-Verse. A different set of circumstances during his early childhood turned Harry into something more. He would show Albus Dumbledore that he cannot be manipulated. He will show Voldemort that it is he who must be feared. He will show the wizarding world that he is not to be fucked with. And if he by any chance hermine und harry im bett to woo a few witches, all the better.

At ten years old, Harry discovers the world of sex, and he's good at it. As he grows up, he realise every woman he has met has some sort of kink.

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For his aunt, she's into incest. As he screws his way through Hogwarts, he discovers the kinks, turn-ons and fetishes of almost every witch he encounters. Harry Potter Has a giant throbbing cock, and so do a bunch of other girls in this series of one shots.

This harry potter and the vampire diaries fankunst might contain whirlpool, haut, hautfarbe, hautfarben, teilweise nacktheit, nacktheit impliziert, skintone, nackt gefärbt, implizierte nacktheit, and nackt farbige.

Read as he subjucates them for his pleasure. Betrothed to Pansy Parkinson, a person who he has known since he has beenwhat happens when he visits the Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and falls in love with a First Gen named Hermione Granger. Harry Potter, upon the advice of his ancestor's portrait, casts a spell which claims the spoils of war from those who he had defeated. But after casting the spell, he didn't expect to gain several women as concubines…including his best friend, Hermione Granger….

When Lord Voldemort comes to attack the Potters on October 31things go a little different than in canon. James Potter dies as he does usually, but in a bout of accidental magic induced by the trauma and stress at seeing her husband murdered Lily Potter apparates to Hogwarts, leaving Harry alone. With Lily's ritual only partially complete, it only partially works. Things play out as they did in canon, with Voldemort being eradicated as usual, but Harry has some side affects.

He becomes a Horcrux, but instead of inspiring hatred in those around him, he contains it within himself. His instincts are basic and those like a younger Voldemort. From a young age, he has enthralled women and when he reaches puberty this escalates.

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If a female spends enough time around him they will start to worship him, and become enslaved to him. Harry gets her pregnant at least five times over the story which must end in seventh year. This is when he hits puberty, which must be around years old, just before Hogwarts first year. He will refuse to use condoms, and contraceptive charms, as he wants to impregnate them. He must be alive for the final battle, and can die within it, but not before.

If there is another universe you wish to involve just do it, as long as it fits in with the story. If I can, I plan to do both challenges in this story, but bear with whatever mistakes you find, because this is 1 My first story. I'll try to go over and correct anything, but if you spot anything just point it out to me. Wew, I finally decided to re-do this story. Completely revamped, and now with direction as last time I had no idea what the fuck I was doing, still don't tbh.

I hope that now I have actually thought about what I'm hermine und harry im bett instead of rushing it, it might be bett, and might actually inspire me to write more chapters. That was the reason this never got updated. I feel like I might have been able to fix the glaring issues in the old version with more chapters, but never got around to it.

So, here's a full re-vamp, remaster, no supply drops included. For those who read the original, yes there are some similarities but I have changed it completely. For those who didn't, don't worry about it. Hope you enjoy this more than the last version. This is the tale of how Ginevra Weasley is not who she seems to be. Watch as she reconnects with her long lost loved one, and the two of them forge a bond of family in the face of adversity. After a turbulent fifth year summer, Harry returns to hogwarts with more than a few secret in his life.

Hermione confronts Harry in a broom closet about his treatment of his girlfriend. What follows is a series of revelations, on both sides. And much more besides. A certain prowler in the neighborhood of Privet Drive decides it would be a good idea to intervene when an elderly Wizard tries to leave a young boy in the custody of people who are unfit to care for someone who is "special.

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What Plot? Summary: A different take on the Prisoner of Azkaban, as Cat Animagus Bellatrix Lestrange escapes at the same time as Sirius, with a very different goal in mind!

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Millions of Harry Potter fans have grown up along with the books' characters, but as these kids matured and went through puberty and started sneaking kisses at teenage parties, Harry, Hermione, and Ron did not.


Once this douchebag here was a very big Harry Potter fan ;.