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For anyone based in the city of Hamburg, or even visiting for a day, it can be tough to work out how you want to spend your time. However, if your main concern is making sure that you can have a good time in the city, have you ever thought about visiting one of the many sex clubs in Hamburg?


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The sophisticated Dalika, alias Mimi, has successfully ensnared the customer. For twelve years she worked as a sex worker, whore, in beer bars on Walking Street in Pattaya and in brothels on Patpong in Bangkok-Bang Rak. Then she bought the illusory golden ticket to Hamburg. Presses her skinny, naked body with the tiny tits, the upright, swollen nipples, intimately against his bloated body.

She confidently feels the remarkable erection, the erect penis, between his fat thighs. She skillfully tolerates the play of his hands on her shaved vagina.

In the meantime, his huge right hand felt the moisture of her vagina with the accurately trimmed hair. Recognizes the increasing horniness.

Swingerclub: Sex mit anderen – trotz Beziehung! - Müssen wir anders lieben? Folge 2/6

He has far exceeded the threshold of rational resistance. His lust for the flesh rules him, in isolation he tries somehow to survive the crash cost-effectively. Dalika dissolves the physical contact in a displeased way.

Demonstrates her disapproval with routine. Order yourself another champagne", he sighs. She runs the counter and is the manager.

Her hands let his erection bloom again. Three hundred bucks, his head buzzes.

In the meantime her skilful fingers have opened his trousers, his stiff fat white cock sticking out. The busty Sunisa enters the tiny bar room of the Temptation.

On the right, directly to the entrance door, the approximately three-meter-long steel counter with six bar stools in front of it extends into the space, in the hose-like spatial structure, four seating boxes, infinitesimal niches, are distributed towards the walls. A gallery on the first floor protrudes from the back wall into the interior, the extreme darkening, the absence of an adequate light source prevents the perception of the actual room height.

She unzipped his big stiff cock, including the hairy balls, from his pants in front of the counter, to get him up," Lamai thunders. The guys come to fuck us," Sunisa wonders.

Lamai disappears angrily. A customer and a pimp had a fight, nothing special, just the usual disputes," says Siriporn, scaling down. Conflict in the Bordello — part 2. Call-House Hamburg Hamm — part 3.

Pauli — part 5. Georg — part 6. Black Mistress Punishment Herbertstrasse St. Pauli — part 8. Deutsche Version — Teil 1.

Pauli — Teil 2. Asiatische Huren im Sexclub auf der Freiheit — Teil 4.

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Transsexuelle Sexmodelle auf St. Pauli — Teil 5. Georg — Teil 6. Erotikmassage in Hamburg St. Georg — Teil 7.

Pauli — Teil 8. Georg — Teil 6 Erotikmassage in Hamburg St.

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