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The so-called sex reform movement of Weimar Germanywas dedicated to providing more sexual and, in turn, social freedoms to men and women. Its two major aims were to give working class men and women access to information about and means of birth control and to reform the Paragraphs and of the German Penal Code of that prohibited abortion and the help for it. The movement was supported by members of the liberal, social democratic, socialist and communist parties, by laymen and doctors, by writers and artist and became at the end of the Weimar Republic the largest non-party mass movement that include hundred-thousands of men and women. It was composed of several smaller and larger associations on the local and national level that ed the cause and organized birth control clinics and information meetings, movie screenings and theater performances, protest actions and large demonstrations.


This book offers a glimpse of a different kind of LGBT politics.

But this was a republic established by revolution inand where Communist Party membership also never fell belowThe revolution was led by soldiers, sailors and workers — many of them women, who got jobs in factories as men went off to fight. It had a huge impact on LGBT people. Censorship was weakened and over twenty magazines for LGBT audiences became available. A film was produced calling for legal equality, a pro-gay sex education institute opened and commercial bars and clubs mushroomed. People then had different concepts around gender and sexuality.

Magnus Hirschfeld, the best-known LGBT campaigner at the time, argued that gender and sexuality both existed along spectrums — nobody was, biologically, completely male or female. If a woman desired other women, that reflected some masculine element in her. The left were generally supportive of the LGBT movement. The Social Democrats were reformists, comparable with the Labour Party in Britain — they made positive statement but, although they controlled the government, they never abolished the legal ban which existed on sex between men.

The Communists ficken in weimar strongly for legal equality. Both Social Democrats and Communists were involved in broader campaigns to make healthy housing and food, accurate sex advice and free contraception available to workers.

Weimar ended, of course, in disaster, when the Nazis took power in A major problem was that the Communists let their strategy be guided from Moscow — Russia had huge prestige after the successful revolution of Octoberbut was itself sliding backwards under the growing influence of Stalin.

How did Hitler rise to power? - Alex Gendler and Anthony Hazard

This is an academic book but an accessible one — activists can draw much inspiration from this brief period when struggles for socialism and for sexual and gender liberation came together. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Liberated, licentious, or merely liberal, the sexual freedoms of Germany's Weimar Republic have become legendary.


It was one of the most febrile and fascinating periods in the 20th century.


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