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The three main female characters that demonstrate the different experience of women and sex are; Melanie, Lucy, and Bev. Melanie is a young, ex-student of Professor Lurie, who is beautiful enough to seduce a men but also vulnerable enough to be taken advantage by them.

On the other hand, Lucy is neither old nor young; she does not care about her image and is a country womanwhich makes her characteristics be less sophisticated.

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Lucy is an important character for sexuality, since she is a lesbian, giving her somewhat male characteristics also. Bev is an older, more experienced woman, with country characteristics as well. Each woman has different characteristics but all three of them contribute to the terms of sexuality and gender differences.

The novel is opened through a sex scene, showing how Lurie, the anti-hero of the novel, is using Soraya, a prostitute, to fulfill his needs and complete his Thursday sex routine. After he is done with his affair with Soraya, he moves on to Melanie; a 22 year old women who is not only thirty years younger than him, but also his student.

Melanie is an awkward character. She says she does not want professor Lurie but yet takes all the sex.

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