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Here is the quick list of my top 5 dating sites in Germany. There were a few sites, but none of them had enough members to make it worthwhile.


Dating apps have changed the game when it comes to finding romance.

Here's How BAD Tinder is in 2021!

When it comes to romance, there are few things more exciting than finding a spark with someone on holiday. So, as you can imagine, I was very happy to be invited by Tinder to visit Berlin and try out their Tinder Passport featurewhich taught me a whole new way of meeting people and exploring a city.

I switched my location from Manchester to Berlin a couple of weeks before my trip. As I started to look through the users, I noticed one stark difference to so many profiles. While it seemed a little forward at first, this clarification of what people were looking for made it so much easier in my search for a date.

This no-BS approach to dating carried through to the conversations I had with people when setting up the dates. After cutting the romantic wheat from the chaff one match invited me to his sister's engagement party and another to one of Berlin's renowned sex clubsI settled on a date with Berlin-native Felix and South African international student Chris.

What are the best dating apps?

Now all that was left to do was to pack my nicest top and jeans and a very warm coat and fly out. There were the usual worries of would the chat flow and would we be into each other, but the added dimension being unfamiliar with my surroundings made me feel a little bit like a dating novice all over again.

Felix looked just as he did in his pictures, effortlessly cool with a really big smile. For hours we wandered around the Christmas markets, ate bratwurst, and drank beer. It was the perfect Christmas market date. As date one went off without a hitch, I was far less nervous meeting Chris the next day.

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We met at Factory Girl, an incredibly stylish breakfast place in Mitte. The idea of sitting across from them, attempting to make conversation, and eat at the same time is my worst case scenario.

However, I already knew Chris loved photography, had just featured in his first exhibition, and had a miniature Dachshund called Otto so to say that there was no shortage of conversation would be an understatement. We wandered over to the KW Institute of Contemporary Art, and then went to look around a very aesthetic bookshop nearby.

I think we both knew by the end of the day that there was no romantic spark there but he did invite me out for drinks with a group of his friends that night. After meeting and really clicking with Chris on a personal but not romantic level, I met with a group of his friends.

This was a way to see a city I thought I knew in a whole different light. Tinder Passport is an amazing way to connect with people ahead of your visit. By Alice Broster.

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If you did not move to Germany to reunite with your loved one, we have great news for you.


By the way, do you sometimes get stuck in online conversations?


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