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Everyday activities such as showering, exercise, driving, and sex can become uncomfortable when you have clitoris pain. This pain might be caused by infection, injury, or an underlying medical condition.


The research, published on Monday, involved stimulating the clitorises of 20 adult females while their brains were scanned using functional magnetic resonance imaging fMRI.

Female sexual arousal: genital anatomy and orgasm in intercourse

The researchers clarify that the paper, published in the journal JNeurosci, does not answer questions like whether having a larger area devoted to genital stimulation makes women more sensitive to touch. It also doesn't tell us whether having a more developing brain region devoted to genital touch prompts more intercourse, or whether more intercourse expands the region, like working out a muscle.

But the could be used in future to target treatments for people who have, for example, been impacted by sexual violence, or have sexual dysfunction. The somatosensory cortex receives and processes sensory information from across the body.

Each part of the body corresponds to a different area of the cortex, forming a representational map.

Clitoris stimulation - advanced techniques to sexually please a woman

But until now, the part of the map that corresponds to the female genitals was a subject of debate. studies had sometimes placed it under the representation of the foot, others near that of the hip. The reason was imprecise stimulation techniques -- for example, during self or partner delivered manual stimulation, other parts of the body were touched at the same time, or the process triggered arousal, which blurred the .

Inother researchers were able to develop a technique that caused very localized tactile stimulation for penises, allowing them to find the precise region devoted to this area in males. But there was no similar breakthrough for females.

For stimulation, a small round object specifically deed for the task was applied above the underwear at the level of the clitoris. Air jets caused the device's membrane to vibrate slightly.

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The approach was deed to be "as comfortable as possible" for the volunteers, said co-author John-Dylan Haynes of the Berlin Center for Advanced Neuroimaging at Charite. They were stimulated eight times, for 10 seconds each time, interspersed with 10 seconds of rest.

The same device was used on the back of the right hand as a control. The of the brain imaging confirmed that the somatosensory cortex represented the female genitals next to the hips -- as they are in males -- but the precise location varied for each woman tested. The researchers then investigated whether this area had different characteristics depending on sexual activity.

Scientists discover brain region that responds to clitoris

The 20 women were asked about the frequency of their intercourse over the past year, as well as since the beginning of their sexual life. Then, for each of them, the researchers determined the ten most activated points in the brain during stimulation, and measured the thickness of those areas.

3x Klitoris Orgasmus 🌷 So kommt jede Frau klitoral (+Tricks für ihn)

The more sex, the bigger the region. But there are hints from past research.

Clitoris pain: what you need to know

First, it's well established that the more certain parts of the brain are used, the bigger they become: this is known as brain plasticity. The hippocampus region of the brain in London taxi drivers expands with navigating experience. Second, prior animal studies showed that the stimulation of the genitals of rats and mice effectively led to an expansion of the area of the brain corresponding to these organs. But Heim herself had ly shown in a study that people who have suffered traumatic sexual violence had clitoris stimulieren thinning of the brain areas devoted to genitals.

She hopes her research will help inform future therapies aimed at rehabilitating this region among abuse survivors.

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Genital touch and the female brain: new study sheds light

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Special Features. Researchers identify brain region linked to clitoral stimulation 9. Researchers identify brain region linked to clitoral stimulation.

Cortical surface mapping of stimulation of the clitoral region -- a new study has identified the brain region linked to genital touch in women. Do you like the content of this article? WHO warns of Omicron overload.

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Penile-vaginal intercourse PVI is the most common partnered hetero sexual behaviour in North America.


In a new study, precise mapping of the female brain has found the exact location responsible for receiving and processing genital touch.


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