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Concept schwester des eigenen mannes [german]

In. TV Movie 1h 30m.

Add a plot. Director Michael Kreihsl. Photos Add Image.

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Top cast Edit. Helmut Bohatsch Ingenieur as Ingenieur.

Birgit Doll Mutter as Mutter. Gerti Drassl Vally as Vally. Julia Edtmeier Judith as Judith.

Heinrich Herki Prosektor as Prosektor. Marek Kondrat Oberst as Oberst.

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Erol Nowak Rittmeister as Rittmeister. Nicholas Ofczarek Oberstabsarzt as Oberstabsarzt. Dominic Oley Bruder as Bruder.

Episch mit meiner Frau und meinem Bruder

Kari Rakkola. Johannes Silberschneider Dr. Pecirka as Dr. Ulrich Tukur Dr. Mohrauer as Dr. Friedrich von Thun Maximilian as Maximilian. Emmy Werner Direktorin as Direktorin. Michael Kreihsl. Storyline Edit.

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Add content advisory. User reviews 1 Review.

Top review. The film represents the journey of a bourgeois family in the last few years before Austria-Hungary decreed its demise by starting WW I in I must say first that this movie feels like the typical quality European TV "historical dramas" always playing on the Eurochannel, where I watched it.

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Nevertheless, my comment above reflects my overall assessment of the film: it's a good and short historical epic, with the requisite family drama thrown in to dramatize events. This family shows us the tremendous gaps between classes in the Empire, as well as the clash of nationalities, which were bound to explode, in WW I or since with the wars dismantling Yugoslavia, which was the southern part of the Empire, mostly. The plot goes more or less like this.

Ernst Florian Stetterson of a respected ophthalmologist who runs his family with a strong hand, expecting his son to become a doctor also. But Ernst's first days as a doctor is far from his father's ideals. He marries the pregnant house maid to preserve family honor only to discover that she lied about his causing the pregnancy.

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After suffering this deception, Ernst begins a torrid romance with a noble, married woman. Both risk everything to live out their great love. However, as Ernst's medical career evolves, as a war doctor, his personal life bites the dust.

Ernst ensuing conflicts with his father, his ex wife, his lover, and his wish to embrace psychiatry against his father will are all influenced and interact with the end of the war, and Austria's new fate. This is a good film for those who enjoy the genre. ElianaM Jan 17, Details Edit. Release date October 16, Austria.

Mythberg Films Epo-Film Produktionsgesellschaft. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1 hour 30 minutes. Contribute to this Suggest an edit or add missing content.

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