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The travel insurance or any other type of insurances taken outside European Union is not accepted for enrollment at the university. All the existing medical problems will be covered by Public Health Insurance. You start to pay only after your arrival i. The first premium will be booked on 15th of the following month of your arrival. Insurance is independent of university or the city.


With around 4. The balance sheet volume is around AOK Bayern was created on June 1, from the merger of 39 then independent Bavarian AOKs and the then AOK regional association of Bavaria and is still the largest health insurance company in Bavaria and the fourth largest health insurance company in Germany.

Herbert Schmaus was elected first chairman of the board in Since January 1,the contribution rates have been standardized by the legislator. The general contribution rate for members and pensioners entitled to sickness benefits for health insurance is currently Members who are not entitled to sick pay generally pay the reduced contribution rate of Both contribution rates are the same for all statutory health insurances. Until December 31,AOK Bayern did not levy any additional contribution that is independent of the health insurance fund.

From January 1,it will levy an income-related additional contribution of 0. The additional contribution has been 1.

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Customer service for around 4. AOK Bayern also maintains 17 service centers for service providers such as hospitalsdoctorsdentistsphysiotherapistsmedical supply stores and other service providers in the therapeutic and auxiliary sector.

A separate training center in Hersbruck ensures extensive training for trainees and AOK business administrators. AOK Bayern trains more than new trainees every year to become social security specialists with a focus on health insurance.

As a rule, the training lasts three years. In the AOK's own training center in Hersbruck, trainees are taught social security law in 9 full-time courses. In the vocational schoollessons take place over 38 weeks as block lessons. For technical high school graduatesAOK Bayern also offers the option of shortened training. There is no compulsory vocational school and the content is taught in 7 business courses.

The trainees can also receive further training to become AOK business economists. In addition to conveying the necessary training content, the trainees are taught additional skills in three seminars and one project work. Since the establishment of the social security systemaok amberg t self-administration of insured persons and their employers has shaped the policy of the social insurance funds.

At the health insurance companies, this happens through tly formed administrative boards. In social elections insured persons and employers every six years to decide through their representatives on the boards, most recently on May 31, It determines the social and corporate policy orientation of the AOK and represents the interests of all contributors to the board of directors.


He sets the budgetdetermines the statutes, elects and controls the board. The members of the board of directors at the AOK work on a voluntary basis. In addition to the board of directors, there is an advisory board in every AOK directorate. Representatives of the advisory boards are also active in the objection committee, which can review decisions in the context of the objection proceedings for their accuracy. The board of directors takes all decisions independently to implement the principles and goals set by the board of directors.

Unlike aok amberg administrative board, the board of directors of the AOK executes the business full-time and represents the AOK externally. Home Wiki. AOK Bayern - The health insurance company social insurance Statutory health insurance Kassenart general regional health insurance legal form Public corporation founding 1. Table of Contents. General local health insurance companies. Statutory health insurance.

Public corporation. June Bayern Bayern. Board of Directors. Matthias Jena group of insured persons [2] Ivor Parvanov group of employers [3]. Supervisory authority. Bavarian State Ministry for Health and Care. Budget volume. Allocations from the health fund.

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Funds from the additional contribution. Other revenue. Total revenue. Hospital treatment. Medical treatment.

Health insurance

Sick pay. Dental treatment without dentures. Travel expenses. Treatment Care and Home Care.

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Preventive and rehabilitation services. Other service expenses. Early detection measures. Pregnancy and maternity excluding inpatient delivery.

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Total service expenditure. Contract doctors. Dentists and orthodontists.

Healthcare providers e.

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